Saturday, March 03, 2007


More than two months have passed since I wrote last post. Laziness, at its peak :)
Well, time to scribble something on this page. What did I do in these two months besides lying lazily?

1. I did a Tape Out (I know this is not a thing to write because I'm supposed to do it anyway. That's part of my work.) But important point is that because of this tape out, I missed or rather did not have time to see this mindblowing product and it's amazing presentation. Boy, Steve Jobs rocks!

2. After almost two years, I flew back to my homeland for a months vacation. Spent some quality time with family and friends, went some places around, ate lots of things, gained lots of weight and forgot most of the Japanese that I had learnt.

3. After much of the efforts, I finished my first Japanese novel '窓ぎわのとっとちゃん' by 黒柳 徹子(Tetsuko Kuroyanagi). Although I fishied the last half of the book in the airplane, it took me two months to finish the book. But it was worth it. Very touching novel. No doubt it was a bestseller. Its about a nursery schoolgirl 'Tottochan'and her unique school 'Tomoe' a visinory teacher headmaster Kobayashi-sensei. You don't realize while reading how you become part of Tottochan's world full of curiosity. How Kobayashi-sensei grooms his students in his own unique way and how his small experiments change his students way of looking at life is something worth reading. I would definitely like to write something more about this book in future. But before that I'm gonna read it again.

4. What else? I just returned (safely) from a 3 day ski trip. 'Kusatsu onsen'; as the name suggests, a place famous for its onsen is also a ski resort. There was not much of the snow around though. May be because we were late this year. But overall, a nice trip.

Oh.. by the way, I also received a funny email forward from my friend which reminded me my school day exams.

This is amazing

ha ha ha.. very funny, Peter..

This one takes the cake..

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