Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Home!

Few months back, this blog got a new look.. 
Today, it has got a new home.. 


Sindharta Tanuwijaya said...

Another .mac account blog ? I hope the layout will be displayed correctly in Firefox.

Vishal said...

Well, I haven't checked it yet but it should display correctly in firefox.

Sindharta Tanuwijaya said...

Mr. K's blog isn't displayed correctly in Firefox and IE.

Or maybe that's just his design, but it doesn't seem like he left his blog like that on purpose.

mr k said...

hey! no fair... i've only just been neglecting my blog for.... well, too long.

Raj said...

Hi Vishal
Are you okay? I have been trying to find your email to contact you. Hope all is well.